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Project Portfolio

Journey through our project portfolio and discover the remarkable spaces we've brought to life. At every turn, you'll witness our unwavering dedication to creating spaces that exceed your expectations. Each project narrates a tale of collaboration and the pride we take in partnering with exceptional general contractors. 


Villa Serena

General Contractor: Sapphire Construction

Job Details:

Villa Serena, nestled right next to Club Roma in St. Catharines. A beautiful seniors' residence that was a wonderful collaboration with Sapphire Construction. To find out more about Sapphire's work, click below.

77 Yates St

General Contractor: Sapphire Construction

Job Details:

This stunning 6-story condo building nestled in the heart of downtown St. Catharines, features an exquisite atrium and the exclusive Club 77, this architectural beauty is a testament to our collaboration with Sapphire Construction. Explore more of Sapphire's work by clicking the link below.


St James Lofts

General Contractor: NewCastle Communities

Job Details:

The sheer beauty and uniqueness of this project is unparalleled. This one-of-a-kind church loft condo conversion comprises 37 units, offering split-level lofts, cozy studios, and spacious two-bedroom layouts. The architecture is awe-inspiring, and our collaboration with NewCastle Communities was an absolute pleasure. To see more of the inspiring work NewCastle does, click below.

124 on Queen

General Contractor: Merit Contractors 

Job Details:

The allure of 124 on Queen, an exquisite boutique hotel and spa nestled in Niagara-on-the-Lake, is obvious. This haven boasts a range of indulgences, from a serene pool, sauna, and steam room to Canada's sole snow room - all meticulously drywalled and perfected by Board Boss Drywall. Our intricate craftsmanship, impeccable bulkhead work, and upscale finishes illuminate every facet of this splendid hotel, revealing its true brilliance. It was a privilege to collaborate with Merit Contractors, we're thrilled to have contributed to this exceptional Niagara gem.


Dorchester Terrace Apartments Building A & B

General Contractor: Panoramic Properties

Job Details:

Embarking on a bold venture, we undertook the simultaneous construction of twin apartment buildings – one 5 stories, the other 4 stories. Panoramic is dedicated to addressing Niagara's pressing housing demands, and these structures stand as a testament to that commitment. Explore more of Panoramic's properties by clicking the link below.

Royal Albion Place

General Contractor: Gatta Homes

Job Details:

It was a privilege to partner with Gatta Homes, the forefront luxury home developer in Niagara. Our collaboration on this project commenced when our company was just a year young, a testament to the trust placed in us. Our services were engaged in the construction of townhouse banks and bespoke homes within this community, Gatta Homes' unwavering commitment to precision is a true marvel. The remarkable attention to detail reverberates through each residence. For more projects by Gatta Homes, click the link below.


4563 Fourth Ave

General Contractor: NewCastle Communities & BuiltUp Developments

Job Details:

A truly visionary project, these stunning stacked townhome condos come as a beacon of hope in an era where homeownership can feel distant. These residences offer a tangible solution, exuding modernity and pristine aesthetics that shape a vibrant community. It is honour to participate in the construction of this collaborative journey and partnership between two visionary developers.

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