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All About Dean

Dean Beaudoin isn't just a jobsite manager; he's one of our rockstar leaders of jobsite management. When we talk about the early days of Board Boss, when it all began with just one employee, Dean is that one employee, he had an unwavering belief and faith in our dream.


Thriving within our company, Dean seamlessly juggles multiple roles, both onsite and in his vibrant personal life. Whether he's hands-on with his rental properties, orchestrating site coordination, rocking out in his band, or spending quality time with his kids, Dean brings a wholehearted 100% to every endeavor.

Dean's Story

Meet Dean Beaudoin, the heartbeat of Board Boss Drywall. From day one, Dean has been a vital force in our journey, evolving and thriving alongside the company's growth. As a project and jobsite manager, his loyalty and dedication have earned him the title of a true rockstar within our team.

Dean's calm and level-headed approach shines as he skillfully navigates the diverse personalities on the jobsite. A natural leader, he brings out the best in his crew, fostering an efficient and harmonious work environment.

But Dean's energy extends far beyond the jobsite; witness him in action as the dynamic drummer of the cover-band extraordinaire, The Chimps. Whether managing a construction site or setting the rhythm on stage, Dean ensures excellence and dedication in every beat of life.

A devoted father to two young humans and two Frenchie pups, Dean's journey started as the drummer for Alternative Rock band, Flatlined, touring as an opening act for Collective Soul! With diverse talents and a vibrant spirit, Dean Beaudoin is undeniably one fun guy to have on-site.


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12 Export Ave., Unit 2

St. Catharines, ON, L2M 7P2

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