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All About Justin

With an extensive and diverse knowledge base, Justin Morley emerges as a multifaceted leader on our job sites, seamlessly navigating the complexities of construction. However, Justin's talents extend far beyond the construction site. A devoted father of four, he is not just active; he's a whirlwind of dedication. When he's not on-site, you'll find him at the rink, coaching his son's soccer team, or accompanying his daughters to their skating lessons. Justin's hands-on commitment is what we admire most, both in the professional realm and as a dynamic father. Keep scrolling to read more about Justin.

Justin's Story

Justin Morley, a seasoned professional in the construction industry, embarked on his journey at the age of 17, initially diving into the world of stucco. A versatile tradesman, Justin later transitioned to the drywall trade, showcasing his skills as both a taper and a carpenter.


In 2018, Justin found his professional home with Board Boss, where he seamlessly wore multiple hats, contributing as a taper and carpenter. Over the years, Justin's role has evolved, and he now stands as a pivotal force in managing the construction of new subdivisions and townhouse complexes.


What sets Justin apart extends beyond his technical expertise. His composed and approachable demeanor, coupled with an unwavering commitment to completing projects with precision and punctuality, elevates the overall atmosphere on site. Justin's ability to bring out the best in subcontractors and boost morale speaks volumes about his leadership qualities.


Justin Morley serves as an exemplary figure of leadership at Board Boss Drywall, and the company acknowledges and values his tremendous contributions to the success of each project.


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