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All About Steve

Meet Steve Frechette, a true professional with over two decades of comprehensive knowledge in the construction industry, specializing in drywall and new construction. Steve's versatility and dedication have navigated him through various roles throughout his career.

Beyond his exceptional skills in the trade, Steve wears multiple hats as owner and CEO of Board Boss Drywall, a real estate investor, developer, and construction consultant. His expertise extends beyond the confines of drywall, making him a dynamic force in the construction and investing realms. Read on to see the details of Steve's remarkable journey and the multifaceted expertise he brings to the table.

Steve's Story

At the age of 14, Steve embarked on his journey in the world of drywall by accompanying his father to job sites. What began as a youthful introduction transformed into a lifelong passion. Steve's work ethic and commitment to mastering the trade were evident early on, propelling him up the ranks. By the time he graduated high school, he was already a foreman, showcasing a natural talent for deciphering blueprints and motivating his team.

A true go-getter, Steve didn't stop there. Seeking a challenge, he ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing his own sole proprietorship. Nights and weekends became a canvas for his craftsmanship, balancing a day job with his burgeoning business. As his client base expanded, so did the demands on his time and skills.

Faced with a growing enterprise and an undeniable calling, Steve took the leap, bidding farewell to his day job. With unwavering determination, he poured his energy into cultivating his own venture. From a one-man show, Steve nurtured his business into a thriving enterprise, now boasting a team of over 50 dedicated crew members. Today, Board Boss stands as a testament to Steve's journey from a young apprentice to a leader at the helm of a remarkable success story.


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